Giving Orphans a Future

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Today we live in their world, tomorrow we live in theirs

futures for orphans - devotion to children who matter

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From 2004 to 2007 we privately sent out 3 tons of clothing and toys to Aids Orphans to 'Noah', a Day Centre in the district of Umhalali in R. South Africa, we experienced such difficulty and expense with the restrictive & convoluted R.S.A.Customs laws. In 2007 we decided to abandon sending clothes and supplies & raise money for them instead.

After visiting the Umahali Ark and Township our vision blossomed and grew. We realised there was a need to help with the whole circle of life of these children. We quickly realised they needed more than clothes, food & medicine, they desperately needed help & support in every aspect of their lives, in order for them to have anything like a childhood and a promise of a future.

So with your help, we want to nurture their mind, body & spirit & help them grow into confident young ciitizens able to have a fulfilling life able to contribute to the regeneration of their country. We are currently focusing on the immediate needs for the 500 Orphan and Vulnerable Children registered with us in the Umhalai, Natal South Africa who are in desperate need of our support.

Please help ensure there is a future for Aids Orphans and Vulnerable Children in South Africa who need our support, help us give them what every child in the world everyone deserves... A Safe, Loving, Happy, Purposeful Life....

We are currently developing programmes and raising funding for the following:

Building & Financial Support of Arks & Staffing Clothing
Feeding Schemes
Care Workers
Homes, Living essentials, Home Security
Health & Medicine
Education fees, Transport, Books etc
Personal Development & Self Care
Connectivity, Library & Computers
Youth Workers Teaching Life Skills
Scholarships, Apprentices, Skills Training, Business Support
Sports facilities
Aids Awareness
Family Income Generation
Abuse Safe House
School Re-furbishments and extensions
Youth Centre, After School & Holiday Activities

Our website is currently been changed for public on-line support and you will be able to see the story & pictures of the changes we are making and how we have helped children so far with the money donated, and how you can help us further and be a friend of Giving Orphans a Future.

If you have the desire to make a change in the world and would like to contribute your invaluable time and skills please contact us. Philanthropy greatly appreciated!

For further information please contact: